Sick house example

Tokyo · RC Mansion

Spots occurred on the vinyl cloth on the wall three months after moving in. Mold molded in clothing and shoes after nine months. I lose my physical condition one year and six months later. The symptoms that the eyes are screeching do not fit, eczema develops around the ear canal, itchiness increases. The cause is that the adhesive of foaming agent and wallpaper contained in mold and vinyl cloth caused composite reaction with heat, light and moisture.
Tokyo / Single-family wooden house

A newly built but strong odor and irritation to the eyes. Open windows and doors 5 hours a day for 3 months. As a result, the concentration was reduced. The cause was adhesive of flooring and wallpaper.
Fukuoka / single-family wooden house

Summer came 7 months after expansion. When the resident was in the room on the second floor, I felt sick and fell down. The influx of formaldehyde generated from the plywood stuck on the ceiling back ceiling causes. The plywood was replaced with gypsum board and the odor ceased.
Fukuoka / single-family wooden house

Allergic symptoms occurred in children after the renovation of the vinyl cloth of the children’s room. I attempted diet therapy and spa therapy but it was not improved and measured indoor contamination. The source is adhesive of vinyl cloth and wallpaper. It improved with air purifier.