Attention point of the builder side

Formaldehyde is highly concentrated in a sealed space with less ventilation. Baking out (volatilizing the chemical substances contained in the material by raising the temperature) may be difficult to see the effect on formaldehyde. Volatile organic compounds have been effective. As a comprehensive measure, do not use building materials containing formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds as much as possible. And thorough ventilation is two points.
Using low formalin building materials
Use material not containing formalin
Natural-based starch paste, methylcellulose is preferable for the wallpaper adhesive
When fungi are concerned with starch paste, do not set indoor relative humidity to 80% or more
Pay attention to the adhesive of the wallpaper and the underlying material
For natural paints not containing toluene or xylene, products containing mineral spirits must have sufficient ventilation at the time of construction
Wood preservatives under the floor, termite control agents use nonvolatile safe materials such as ACC, ACQ, NCU, NZN
We use wood, tobacco, Hinoki class, Koya-yaki strong against rot and termite in the base part, soil cover, damp floor, foundation · basic packing, promote underfloor ventilation and control so that moisture content does not exceed 20% To
If you are living normally, it will take about 8 years for new housing to reach the level of 0.08 ppm. However, it is usually around 3 years and it will be reduced to such an extent that you do not mind. However, high airtight · high insulation houses may become less difficult to escape than that.