Attention point of resident side

(1) Formaldehyde generated in the inside of the system kitchen and furniture (particle board, medium quality fiber board) is easy to transfer to dishes and clothing. Clothes cause allergies. Wool is easy to migrate, half of it remains after washing. Commercial furniture has many problems. It is desirable to ask for a used item at a recycle shop, a product using a Muku material, an enamel product. Some of them may use medium fiberboard for the top board, so be careful.
(2) Formaldehyde is also contained in books and cigarettes. In the case of tobacco, it occurs more often in the sidestream smoke than in the mainstream smoke.
(3) Air pollution can be improved by air purifier with activated carbon filter. It is also effective for masking which paints natural furniture paint and encloses it so as not to volatilize.
(4) The fragrance which is accumulated in the body is prohibited in Germany. Instead, aromatherapy is recommended. Incense, potpourri, essential oils and so on.
(5) Plants absorb well volatile organic compounds when photosynthesis is actively carried out. Rubber wood, English Ivy, Devefavagia, Benjamin, Kapok, etc that absorbs volatile organic compounds well. For formaldehyde, Amaryllis, Potos and Philodendron are effective.