Study on simple quantitative method such as sick house syndrome substance utilizing optical functional material

Research outline
The standard method for measurement of formaldehyde in indoor air is complicated and time-consuming, so a simple measurement method that can be measured in a short time even in the field has been required. Therefore, in collaboration with universities and private enterprises, we developed a simplified method that makes concentration measurement on site easy. Furthermore, in order to evaluate the usefulness of the developed simplified measurement method (detection paper method and FP-30 method), field tests were carried out at houses etc. and compared with the standard method.

Implementation status
According to the developed detection paper method, it is judged to be (+), (-), (±) according to the degree of color development of the detection paper, 0.08 ppm or more for (+), 0-0.04 ppm for (-), 0.04 ~ 0.08 ppm, but the value of the standard method also falls within that range, the values are in good agreement, and the detection paper method is practical as a qualitative and simple quantitative method. In addition, good correlation was obtained between the simplified measuring instrument (FP-30 method) and the standard method, and the measured values also agreed, so practicality was confirmed. It was confirmed that the simple measurement method developed is a useful method for measuring the concentration at the site.